Carnation Seeds

Known as the flower of love, carnations are considered the most popular cut flower. It is also one of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers. Carnations are known for their ruffled appearance and beautifully sweet, peppery scent. Carnations come in numerous colors and each color expresses different messages. People love giving carnations because they express love, fascination, and distinction. Instead of going to the local florist, you can grow your own carnations! Growing Chabaud Mix will give you a rainbow mix of carnations. If you are looking to grow dark and dramatic carnations, we recommend growing Grenadin King Of Blacks. Carnations thrive in full sun and well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Carnation Seeds


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  • Chabaud Mix Carnation Seeds

    Chabaud Mix Carnation Seeds

    Tall, double fringed flowers in violet, pink, red, yellow, purple, and orange. Grows well in borders, planters, and rock gardens.

  • Double Picotee Mix Carnation Seeds

    Double Picotee Mix Carnation Seeds

    Beautifully scented, double fringed flowers in a wide mix of colors. Flowers are striped or edged in brilliant contrasting tones.

  • Grenadin King Of Blacks Carnation Seeds

    Grenadin King Of Blacks Carnation Seeds

    Double fringed flowers in a deep purple. Flowers are so dark in color that they have a black velvet appearance.

  • La France Carnation Seeds

    La France Carnation Seeds

    Delicate, double fringed flowers in a light pink. Flowers have a lovely, spicy scent and are perfect for cutting and arranging.

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