Tarragon Seeds

Tarragon is a very popular culinary herb; it is known as one of the four fines herbes of traditional French cooking. This attractive and delicious herb produces leaves that contain flavors and aromas similar to anise. The leaves can be used fresh or dried to season fish, chicken, and lamb dishes. French tarragon is considered the best tarragon for culinary use, however it cannot be grown from seed. A great substitute for French tarragon is Mexican or Russian tarragon. In addition to its culinary uses, tarragon is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Overall, tarragon is an easy to grow hardy herb that can be grown in containers, annual beds, or herb gardens.

Tarragon Seeds


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  • Mexican Tarragon Seeds

    Mexican Tarragon Seeds

    Great substitute for French tarragon. Leaves have a pleasant licorice flavor and scent. Flowers are entirely ornamental.

  • Russian Tarragon Seeds

    Russian Tarragon Seeds

    Not as strongly aromatic and flavorsome as French tarragon, but it is far more hardy and vigorous. Leaves are used in fish and chicken dishes.

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