Strawflower Seeds

If you want blooms that are quite distinctive and truly fascinating, start growing strawflower! The charming, straw-like blooms come in bright shades of yellow, white, purple, red, orange, and pink. Strawflowers naturally feel papery and straw-like because they do not have true petals, but rather modified leaves called bracts. Due to their stiff, papery bracts, strawflowers are incredibly long lasting when cut. Their long lasting vase life is why gardeners, crafters, and florists love them. If you want extra large, double blooms in an array of bright colors, we suggest growing Swiss Giant Mix. If you have limited space, Tom Thumb Mix is perfect for you. Strawflowers can endure high heat and dry conditions.

Strawflower Seeds


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  • Golden Yellow Strawflower Seeds

    Golden Yellow Strawflower Seeds

    Bright golden-yellow blooms. Incredibly long lasting when cut. Popular for fresh bouquets and dried floral arrangements.

  • Purple Red Strawflower Seeds

    Purple Red Strawflower Seeds

    Deep, rich, and intense purple-red blooms offset by bright yellow centers. Easy to grow and thrives in hot and arid regions.

  • Swiss Giant Mix Strawflower Seeds

    Swiss Giant Mix Strawflower Seeds

    Extra large, double blooms in a wide range of bright colors. Perfect for dried bouquets and as fresh cut flowers.

  • Tom Thumb Mix Strawflower Seeds

    Tom Thumb Mix Strawflower Seeds

    Dwarf strawflower in a splendid mix of colors. Maxing out at 15 inches tall, this variety is ideal for limited spaces.

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