Cucumber Seeds

Forget grocery store cucumbers, home grown cucumbers are far more flavorful! Once you bite into a crisp, crunchy, home grown cucumber, you will never buy cucumbers from the grocery store again. There are three main varieties of cucumbers: pickling, slicing, and burpless. Cucumbers such as Boston Pickling and Bush Pickle Hybrid are perfect for pickling. Cucumbers such as Spacemaster and Armenian Dark Green are perfect for slicing. If you are looking for a nearly seedless cucumber with delicate skin, try a burpless cucumber such as Tendergreen Burpless. We also offer unusual looking cucumbers such as Mexican Sour Gherkin. Cucumbers are a warm season crop that are best sown in place after the last frost of spring.

Cucumber Seeds


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  • Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds

    Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds

    An old heirloom dating back to 1880. Excellent for pickling since the cucumbers are good quality and very crisp.

  • Bush Pickle F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

    Bush Pickle F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

    Bush Pickle F1 Hybrid requires no trellises or stakes. Plants produce short vines and require little space to grow.

  • Diva Cucumber Seeds

    Diva Cucumber Seeds

    Diva was the 2002 AAS (All-American Selections) winner. These cucumbers will produce without pollination.

  • Lemon Cucumber Seeds

    Lemon Cucumber Seeds

    This unusual looking cucumber resembles a lemon. They are tender and sweet, making them perfect for salads and pickling.

  • Metki Armenian Dark Green Cucumber Seeds

    Metki Armenian Dark Green Cucumber Seeds

    Long, ridged, and dark green. Cucumbers are burpless, bitter-free, and mildly tasting. Can grow up to 36 inches long.

  • Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber Seeds

    Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber Seeds

    Cute and fun-sized cucumbers that resemble miniature watermelons. Typical cucumber flavor but with a tangy, citrus twist.

  • Spacemaster 80 Cucumber Seeds

    Spacemaster 80 Cucumber Seeds

    Compact cucumber that is perfect for small gardens with limited space. Short and small vines produce 6 to 8 inch cucumbers.

  • Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds

    Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds

    Suyo Long is a variety from China. Cucumbers are ribbed and long, growing up to 15 inches long. Trellis vines for straight fruit.

  • Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber Seeds

    Tendergreen Burpless Cucumber Seeds

    Burpless cucumber that is sweet, tender, and bitter-free. Excellent slicing type but makes great pickles as well.

  • White Wonder Cucumber Seeds

    White Wonder Cucumber Seeds

    White Wonder was introduced in 1893. Cucumbers are white or pale ivory and exceptionally crisp. Popular for slicing and pickling.

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