Lupine Seeds

For gardeners all over the US, growing lupine is a favorite springtime activity. Lupines are sturdy and majestic with large, showy spikes covered with pea-like flowers on long, sturdy stems. Lupines come in a wide and brilliant array of colors such as blue, white, pink, and purple. Russell lupine, our most popular variety, has spikes chock full of vividly colored flowers. If you want to grow lupine but don’t have the space, we recommend growing the miniature version, Pixie lupine. Lupine will grow almost anywhere, but grows best in cooler climates and sandy soils. Add lupine to your wildflower garden or scatter throughout the cottage garden.

Lupine Seeds


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  • Arroyo Lupine Seeds

    Arroyo Lupine Seeds

    Native to California, where it is common throughout most of the state. Lovely upright spikes of brilliant purple-blue and white flowers.

  • Chatelaine Lupine Seeds

    Chatelaine Lupine Seeds

    Variety of Russell lupine. Elegant lupine produces tall spikes of rosy pink and white bi-colored flowers. Robust and spectacular perennial.

  • Pixie Lupine Seeds

    Pixie Lupine Seeds

    Fits into gardens where many other lupines just don’t work. Short spikes of flowers in attractive shades of blue, white, pink, and purple.

  • Russell Lupine Seeds

    Russell Lupine Seeds

    Tall lush spikes are dense with pea-like flowers in an endless variety of color. Magnificent at the back of the border.

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