Foxglove Seeds

Add tall spikes of vertical color to your garden by growing foxgloves! Foxgloves are known for their dramatic, towering spikes, dense with trumpet flowers. Most often they have distinct speckled throats. Foxgloves make lovely cut flowers and add vertical interest to sunny to partly shaded beds and borders. If you have a white garden, we recommend growing Alba. If you want spikes of tubular flowers in a mix of pastel colors, we recommend growing Excelsior Mix. Foxgloves thrive in a range of habits, acidic soils, and partial sunlight to deep shade. They are also biennial, which means the leaves form a rosette the first year followed by the flower spike the second year. All parts of the plant are toxic when consumed, so animals and children should be kept away.

Foxglove Seeds


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  • Alba Foxglove Seeds

    Alba Foxglove Seeds

    Elegant and graceful. Popular in white gardens. Tall sturdy stalks are fully packed with huge trumpets of pure, crisp white flowers.

  • Apricot Beauty Foxglove Seeds

    Apricot Beauty Foxglove Seeds

    Gorgeous, pastel apricot-pink flowers. Subtle and graceful flowers make an exceptionally decorative accent.

  • Excelsior Mix Foxglove Seeds

    Excelsior Mix Foxglove Seeds

    Spikes of tubular flowers in a range of pastel shades including pink, purple, rose, cream, white, and primrose.

  • Foxy Mix Foxglove Seeds

    Foxy Mix Foxglove Seeds

    Lovely mix of rich colors on shorter plants. This cultivar was bred to bloom the first year, but only if it is started early enough.

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