Cilantro Seeds

Growing cilantro adds a lot of healthy, fresh flavor to your kitchen. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves (cilantro) and the seeds (coriander) are the parts commonly used in cooking. This aromatic herb has a citrus overtone that enlivens Mexican, Indian, and Asian foods. When cooking, it is best to use fresh cilantro since it does not dry very well. Freshly chopped cilantro is low in calories and an excellent source of potassium. The coriander seeds can be used in curry, poultry, and relishes. If you are looking for the standard cilantro, we recommend growing Santo. If you live in a hot weather region, we recommend growing Leisure.

Cilantro Seeds


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  • Leisure Cilantro / Coriander Seeds

    Leisure Cilantro / Coriander Seeds

    Slow bolting and great for hot weather regions. Bred for large, flavorsome leaf production. Nearly every part of this herb has a culinary use.

  • Santo Cilantro / Coriander Seeds

    Santo Cilantro / Coriander Seeds

    Fast growing, yet remarkably slow bolting. Upright habit allows for easy harvesting. Has an unmistakable strong, sharp taste and scent.

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