Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragons are perfect for flower gardens! They make wonderful cut flowers to bring indoors and add height to containers. Snapdragons provide months of color ranging from vibrant reds and oranges to pale pastels. Gardeners treasure snapdragons for their fragrance and uniquely shaped flowers on a central spike. Snapdragons are named after their snapping action of each bloom. Kids of all ages will be delighted when you squeeze the sides of the flower and they see its jaws open and snap shut when you let go. We offer a variety of snapdragons to choose from. If you desire pure white blooms, try growing Snowflake. If you like pastel blooms, we recommend growing Appleblossom.

Snapdragon Seeds


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  • Appleblossom Snapdragon Seeds

    Appleblossom Snapdragon Seeds

    Soft, pastel-toned blooms in soft pink, apricot, and peach with a touch of yellow. Stunning massed at the back of the border or as an accent plant.

  • Magic Carpet Mix Snapdragon Seeds

    Magic Carpet Mix Snapdragon Seeds

    Dwarf variety. Mix of red, pink, apricot, and yellow flowers. Can be used as a ground cover at the front of the border.

  • Orange Wonder Snapdragon Seeds

    Orange Wonder Snapdragon Seeds

    Unique rosey-orange, almost salmon blooms. Endlessly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Perfect for large flower arrangements.

  • Snowflake Snapdragon Seeds

    Snowflake Snapdragon Seeds

    Beautiful white blooms. Single stem averages ten to fifteen of these pure white blooms. Ideal for flower arrangements.

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