Alyssum Seeds

Diminutive and delicate, alyssum is a fragrant, easy to grow flower. Growing up to 12” high, alyssum is a delicate carpet of tiny flowers with a subtle, sweet scent. The flowers are produced throughout the growing season. Alyssum’s low growing, mounded habit makes it perfect for hanging baskets, borders, pathways, and as a groundcover. If you are looking for an extremely low growing alyssum, we recommend growing Tiny Tim. If you want to add dazzling golden yellow blooms to your garden, we recommend growing Basket Of Gold. Alyssum is best planted in early spring in well-drained soil with moderate moisture. It is also resistant to heat and drought.

Alyssum Seeds


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  • Basket Of Gold Alyssum Seeds

    Basket Of Gold Alyssum Seeds

    Early spring bloomer. Dense clusters of tiny, dazzling golden yellow blooms. Excellent for rock gardens and borders.

  • Tiny Tim Alyssum Seeds

    Tiny Tim Alyssum Seeds

    Extremely low-growing. Masses of tiny, sweetly fragrant, white blooms. Ideal ground cover and border plant.

  • Violet Queen Alyssum Seeds

    Violet Queen Alyssum Seeds

    Long bloom season. Masses of beautiful violet purple blooms. Pleasant sweet fragrance attracts bees and butterflies.

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