Catmint Seeds

Catmint is one of the toughest perennials you can add to your garden. It’s a proven performer during hot, dry weather and the gray-green foliage and lavender-blue flowers look great most of the season. Catmint is related to catnip, but much showier and less attractive to felines. Catmint plants are good for mass planting or edging and are suitable near vegetables to deter insects. Not only is catmint ornamental, it also has culinary and herbal uses. The leaves and shoots can be added to sauces and soups, while the leaves and flowers are used to make herbal teas. Catmint will bloom the first year only if the seeds are sown early in the season.

Catmint Seeds


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  • Common Catmint Seeds

    Common Catmint Seeds

    Clusters of white flowers. Shares many characteristics as Catnip but is less attractive to felines.

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