Cosmos Seeds

Bright and colorful, cosmos are happy flowers! Cosmos light up gardens or meadows in midsummer and bloom continuously until frost. The daisy-like flowers bloom on long stems with ferny leaves. Cosmos reach varying heights and come in many bright colors. Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, cosmos are an essential part to beds, borders, and meadows. The long-lasting blooms make gorgeous summer bouquets. Try growing Gloria, a showy pink variety of cosmos. If you desire the exotic, we recommend growing Seashells. You can also light up your garden by growing Bright Lights. Cosmos tolerate heat, drought, and a wide range of soil types. They should also be given protection from strong winds.

Cosmos Seeds


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  • Bright Lights Cosmos Seeds

    Bright Lights Cosmos Seeds

    Brilliant semi-double flowers in shades of orange, yellow, and red. Plants produce in profusion and are early to bloom.

  • Gloria Cosmos Seeds

    Gloria Cosmos Seeds

    Beautiful showy rosy-pink flowers with a crimson and yellow center. Incredibly beautiful when planted in mass.

  • Purity Cosmos Seeds

    Purity Cosmos Seeds

    Graceful pure white flowers with delicate apple-green foliage. Creates a heavenly cloud-like background in gardens.

  • Seashells Cosmos Seeds

    Seashells Cosmos Seeds

    Unique petals are shaped like tubed seashells. Blooms come in creamy and pastel shades of rose, pink, white, and carmine.

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