Dahlia Seeds

Bring striking life to landscapes in late summer and into fall by growing dahlias! Dahlias send up showy, daisy-like single and double blooms in bright colors. Vibrant and bold, dahlias thrive in bedding gardens and containers. Dahlias also make lovely cut flowers. If you love dahlias but don’t have the space, we recommend growing Unwins Bedding. Dahlias thrive in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Dahlias are not adapted to withstand frost, however gardeners in temperate climates with frosts can grow dahlias successfully if the tubers are lifted from the ground and stored in cool yet frost-free conditions during the winter.

Dahlia Seeds


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  • Unwins Bedding Dahlia Seeds

    Unwins Bedding Dahlia Seeds

    Lovely and compact. Various colored double blooms in shades of salmon, apricot, orange, scarlet, crimson, lavender, and yellow.

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