Daisy Seeds

Add a welcoming charm to your garden and home by growing daisies! They are a symbol of summer with their cheerful blooms and long stems. They also have disk florets and petal-like ray florets. Daisies earn their popularity for being both attractive indoors and outdoors. Daisies can be planted in border areas and naturalized spots. Inside, daisies are excellent in flower vases. Here at Seed Store, we offer some of the most popular varieties of daisy including Shasta, Painted, and African. Daisies thrive in full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. Most daisies are perennials, which means they will begin blooming the second year after planting.

Daisy Seeds


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  • African Daisy Seeds

    African Daisy Seeds

    Native to South Africa. Thrives in dry, gritty soils. Flowers are in lovely shades of white, yellow, orange, and apricot.

  • Gloriosa Daisy Seeds

    Gloriosa Daisy Seeds

    Related to Black Eyed Susan. Flowers come in combinations of yellow, red, and orange shades offset by dark centers.

  • Painted Daisy Seeds

    Painted Daisy Seeds

    Not your average daisy. Large flowers come in bright shades of white, yellow, and red which have contrasting rings around their dark centers.

  • Shasta Daisy Seeds

    Shasta Daisy Seeds

    Iconic summer classic. White petals surrounding yellow centers with glossy, dark green leaves. Makes beautiful arrangements.

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