Melon Seeds

Summer's sweet rewards begin right in your garden! There is nothing like having a sweet, juicy slice of melon on a hot summer day. Melons come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They are known for having sweet, juicy, and fragrant flesh. Try growing Charentais melon, a small French melon that is known for being one of the sweetest melons ever. If you want to grow the coolest looking melon, we suggest growing Tigger melon. Melons are versatile and fairly easy to grow. As long as you give them fertile soil and warm temperatures, you will harvest plenty of delicious, vitamin-rich melons. Enjoy them chilled or straight from the garden.

Melon Seeds


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  • Charentais Melon Seeds

    Charentais Melon Seeds

    Charentais melons are small French melons with super sweet and very fragrant flesh. Perfect for two servings.

  • Crenshaw Melon Seeds

    Crenshaw Melon Seeds

    Crenshaw melons are known for being deliciously sweet. Oval-shaped melons have salmon pink flesh and smooth, silky texture.

  • Tigger Melon Seeds

    Tigger Melon Seeds

    Tigger is an Armenian melon that is amazing to look at. Very fragrant, vibrant yellow melons have fire-red, zigzag stripes.

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