Nasturtium Seeds

Delight both your dinner table and garden by growing nasturtium! Nasturtiums are known for their round leaves and showy, often intensely bright flowers. Nasturtiums are attractive in the landscape and useful in the garden since they lure aphids away from other plants. The plants may be cascading, climbing, or bushy. Both the leaves and flowers are edible, with a slightly peppery taste. The flowers can be added to salads or used to decorate cakes. If you are looking for rich, jewel-toned colors, we suggest growing Empress Of India or Alaska Mix. Nasturtiums thrive in poor soil and dry conditions.

Nasturtium Seeds


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  •  Black Velvet Nasturtium Seeds

    Black Velvet Nasturtium Seeds

    Strikingly unique dwarf nasturtium. Deep burgundy, almost black-colored flowers. Provides maximum contrast to light-colored flowers.

  • Alaska Mix Nasturtium Seeds

    Alaska Mix Nasturtium Seeds

    Beautiful green and white variegated foliage. Stunning orange, yellow, salmon, and red flowers. Unique and colorful mix.

  • Empress Of India Nasturtium Seeds

    Empress Of India Nasturtium Seeds

    Unique, deep blue-green leaves. Brilliant crimson red flowers. Perfect for tubs, pots, window boxes, or border.

  • Moonlight Nasturtium Seeds

    Moonlight Nasturtium Seeds

    Climbing nasturtium. Beautiful pale, creamy yellow blooms on long vines. Spectacular as a ground cover or on a trellis or fence.

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