Yarrow Seeds

Yarrow is known for its classic wildflower beauty. This hardy and versatile perennial has fern-like leaves and large, flat-topped flower clusters. Yarrow is versatile and can be used in borders, rock gardens, or wildflower meadows. It is considered a useful companion plant because it repels some pest insects while attracting good ones. The colorful blooms are excellent in fresh or dried arrangements. Here at Seed Store, we offer yarrow in many colors. Choose from White, Red, orĀ Gold yarrow. For a real pop of color, we recommend growing Cerise Queen. Yarrow prefers well-drained soil and full sun, but can be grown in less ideal conditions. Yarrow can be planted to combat erosion and improve soil quality.

Yarrow Seeds


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  • Cerise Queen Yarrow Seeds

    Cerise Queen Yarrow Seeds

    Clusters of brilliant pink flowers rise above a mat of dark green leaves. Irresistible to butterflies, and also makes excellent cut or dried flowers.

  • Gold Yarrow Seeds

    Gold Yarrow Seeds

    Taller than other varieties of yarrow. Clusters of golden-yellow flowers. Attractive to bees and butterflies.

  • Red Yarrow Seeds

    Red Yarrow Seeds

    Densely packed clusters of small red flowers. Makes a wonder addition to the summer border and mixes beautifully with other colors.

  • White Yarrow Seeds

    White Yarrow Seeds

    White flat-top blooms above clusters of ferny foliage. Blooms are excellent either in fresh or dried arrangements.

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